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June Meetup

Neuvo Clubhouse events are not your normal boring networking events. We have fun over here, while also providing value. This month’s theme is Self Care, Pour into You. Come out and make your own soothing candles, drink some wine, while we discuss ways to love on ourselves. Discussions include ways to find time for yourself, meditation, affirmations, healthy hair, mind, and body. Come experience what it’s like to be a part of the club!

This month’s venue is Pour Mobile Wine Bar & Pour Candle.

***You must register for this event, you don’t have to be a member to attend. While making a candle is encouraged it’s not mandatory to attend the event. If you are making a candle your event ticket is included so just select that option, if you aren’t making a candle just select an event ticket


Saturday, June 24th 6pm-8pm








Upcomming Events



July Meetup

It’s time to channel your rich life sis. This month’s meetup will be held at the beautiful Metropolitan Club where Cincinnati’s Elite businesses meet. We will discuss ways to uplevel and understand your finances. We’ll also work on setting goals to live your best life.  





Neuvo Bookclub Kickoff

A good book is hard to find… what’s even harder is finding a group of people to discuss a really good book with. This month we discuss Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes. If you haven’t read it yet that’s okay, grab a copy and come on out to our book club meeting. We’ll be discussing the best way to tackle this book, gems to look for, and you’ll get access to our online community where you can post questions, comments and ah ha moments from the book. 





August Meetup

Where are you with your New Year’s resolutions? Did you lose those 10 pounds you wanted for the summer? No? Ok no worries. Here at the Clubhouse, we’ve got you covered. We will be joining forces with one of Cincinnati’s best fitness trainers to bring you a fun workout class and we’ll also be working on some meal prepping tips and healthy treats to take home.



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