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Neuvo Clubhouse is not your ordinary networking group. We want you to grow, yes, but we also want to connect with who YOU really are. Neuvo Clubhouse membership includes:

Access To Our Book Club

Have you ever read a book so good that you wanted to talk about it? Me too! That’s why members will have access to the quarterly book club where we will pick a book that will add value to your life and discuss it together. The book club will have its own discussion board and quarterly meetup to discuss the current book and pick the next book.

Access To Podcast Corner

Have you been looking for a dope podcast to listen to? Do you have a dope podcast that people need to listen to? Then you need to be here. Members will have access to listen to podcast episodes from other members as well as have the ability to upload your own podcasts to the corner. 

Access To Our Speaker's Network

Are you a speaker looking for gigs or a business looking for amazing speakers?Look no further sis. Members will have access to upload their media kits and bios to book gigs for FREE. Members can search our database to find qualified speakers for their events.

Access To Our Coaching Network

Coaches in any industry can create a profile showcasing their services and results. Members can find and connect with their perfect coach. Personal development is important, we’ve got your back here at the Clubhouse

Access To Our Event Calendar

This isn’t your ordinary networking event calendar. We don’t just want to showcase our events, we want members to know about your events and community events too. How many times have you missed a perfect event because you found out about it too late? Or How many times have you thrown an event and nobody came? Not over here. We want you to succeed, we want to support you. Members will have access to submit their events and view clubhouse and community events.

Exclusive Access To Member's Only Events

This isn’t an attempt to be a “You can’t sit with us” organization but membership does have its perks. As a member, you will have exclusive access to members-only events where we really pour into each other. It’s important to have a safe space where we can tackle what’s going on in our worlds and how we can help each other. 

Special Pricing For Monthly Meetups

This isn’t your ordinary networking event. Our meetups are fun, not always in a conference room or restaurant. When we say we support our members we truly mean that so our events are catered by members, at our member’s venues, or spotlighting members in some way.  

Access To Our Private Community

This isn’t some Facebook group where we are bound by their rules and restricted by their algorithm. We actually built a community just for Neuvo Clubhouse. Network online with each other and access our member’s directory. Let’s work together, find someone in the circle who’s been vetted to provide you with products and services.

Access To Our Toolkit

We want everyone to be successful. We don’t just say that, we do it. Members have exclusive access to our toolkit. The toolkit includes templates, trainings & resources members can access. Members can also contribute their resources to the toolkit as well

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Why should you join?

Neuvo Clubhouse was designed with you in mind.

Aren’t you tired of boring mixers or meeting style networking meetings? I know I was. I’ve belonged to so many networking groups and even served under leadership and they are all the same. They all left me wanting…needing something else. I really wanted to build connections for my business, yes, but I also wanted a community. People who have the same drive as me, people who understood where I want go in life, people to actually push me and care about me. I wanted to actually build genuine relationships. So at Neuvo Clubhouse we’re doing just that! We’re having fun, building brands, and making new friends along the way. 


Basic Membership

$97 to join $25/mo. The first 30 members to join can have $97 fee waived.

Featured Speaker

$10/mo additional to join our speaker’s network as a featured speaker. Featured speakers have a full page in the clubhouse to showcase themselves. Standard speakers only have a short bio on the speaker’s page.

Featured Coach

$20/mo additional to join the coaching network as a featured coach. Featured coaches have a full landing page in the clubhouse to showcase themselves. Standard coaches only have a short bio on the coaches page.


Monthly Meetups: $35 for non-members, $25 for members

Book Club: Free for members, $25/qtr for non-members

Online Events: $0 for members, $15 for non-members


June Meetup

Saturday June 24th, 2023

@Pour Mobile Wine Bar and Pour Candle
6pm – 8pm

July Meetup

Saturday, July 29th, 2023
1pm – 3pm

July Meetup

  1. TBD, 2023
    1pm – 3pm

Neuvo Book Club

Featured Book

The Year Of  Yes

By Shonda Rhimes

6:00 pm




Want to start your own chapter?

Neuvo Clubhouse is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you like what we do or you’ve seen us in action but Cincinnati is too far to travel to, don’t worry, we have a solution. We have options to help you start your own chapter of Neuvo Clubhouse in your own city. Take our software, tools, and blueprint to create something amazing for the people around you.

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